Top Four Post-Winter Lawn Care Tips to Remember

After the winter season, there are a lot of things that you need to do. Most of these have something to do with cleaning up, starting over, and bringing life back into a dull home. The winter season, for some, is almost often associated with gloom. So when you renovate or re-imagine your home after winter, you have to make it bright and cheerful. This should also be the case for your yard or lawn. Your outdoor space should be as colorful and happy as your indoor spaces. First off, however, you need to know how to take care of your lawn post-winter season.

1. The first thing you should do is clean your lawn.

Bring out the rake from its hiding place and use it to clean your lawn. There will be no more knee-deep snow and ice, so it will be an easier task. Clean and rake off as much as you can. This will help expose your lawn to the sun and give it a new life. Once you are done, you’ll realize just how good your lawn looks minus all the post-winter trash.

2. Keep cleaning your yard.

Now that you are done with the rake, it’s time to take out the mower. Mow your lawn and make it look green, fresh, and new. While doing so, do not forget to take away all the dead grass that you see. Do not, however, mow your lawn immediately after winter has ended. Give the ice time to melt and the grass some time to grow. Your first trim should only be a light one. Avoid mowing too much grass.

3. Check the soil moisture in your yard before watering.

After raking and mowing, do not water your yard right away. Instead, take some time to check the soil moisture. You can do this by digging out a patch of soil in an area of your yard and then using your finger to check how moist the soil is. A soil that has the right amount of moisture sticks a little to your fingers when you touch it. If this is the case when you check for moistness, your yard is ready for some water.

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